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How to create an educational app

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Here, we will consider exactly such features without which the education app would not be its true self. This trend directly follows from VR and AR, but it distinguishes favorably with the fact that you can achieve gamification without the introduction of such expensive technologies. One of the most common issues of educational apps is the low level of interest and motivation for users.

The application fashioner and designer can together form a connection point that will add to the productivity of the whole interaction occurring over the eLearning application. Fitting programming design will permit a smooth and continuous figuring out how to occur. The tech group will fittingly choose https://globalcloudteam.com/ to incorporate HTML5, JavaScript, and cloud availability in view of the complexity of the information and clients who will enroll on the application. Notwithstanding the discussion of decreasing screen time for youngsters, the COVID flare-up constrained reception of current eLearning strategies.

How to Create an Educational App

Regular updates, fixed bugs constant improvements, new features, performance, and security are things that keep your app on the market. There are lots of apps that provide only one particular subject to study. For instance, Duolingo for language studies or Yousician for music instruments.

The in-app purchases can also include buying access to one-on-one sessions with the tutors or unlocking advanced learning modules. Apps like Memrise and Brainly follow the in-app purchase revenue model. The app developers will assess your project and then help you choose the best platform according to your requirements. A native app is an app that will run only on the platform for which it is built.

Decide on your offering

This type also includes Kid-focused educational applications. Ads as a monetization approach should be used with caution in an educational app. Interrupting a lesson with an ad is ineffective and considered a significant shortcoming. Your software development firm may provide market research-based strategy suggestions if you opt for advertising. The priority is to determine the type of app to be developed. For example, is the app primarily for students/learners, tutors/teachers, or corporate experts?

How to Create an Educational App

Moreover, nandbox provides free hosting, load, stress testing, and regular updates. A secure and scalable backend platform is necessary to run apps smoothly. Nandbox app builder is a no-code, mobile app builder which enables everyone to make mobile apps with no coding, no hosting, or upfront costs needed. Instead, you have a 7-day free trial to build your app and lifetime app support.

Exam preparation apps

Thus even a kid’s controlling a mouse while reading an interactive book with a parent is conducive to active involvement. Let’s Vasundhara Infotech educational mobile application development innovate with technology for your requirements. There are several apps that use this method to make money in advance with every download.

How to Create an Educational App

There are many types of software you can consider opting for. We hope that now you have a better vision and understanding of the requirements for building an educational app and how much it can cost you. We even elaborated the methods to monetize your app successfully in this blog.

This blog walks you through a step-by-step guide on creating an educational app and gives you a cost estimation for the app development. So this way you can follow the method of Education app development for your needs. If you would like to hire developers for education app development then contact us at with your requirements.

How to create an educational app? Answered in 5 easy steps.

In this section, we have explained how all the monetization methods work along with examples to make it easy for you to understand quickly. Even when we talk about the education industry, there is a lot more to explore. A positive example of this would be Google Classroom’s feature that allows teachers to quickly enlarge the code on their screen for students, saving them the hustle of sending it around. Likewise, in Duolingo, they collect your age but don’t adjust the content, basically teaching you as if you were a baby. Don’t forget to test all user roles, including those of the learner, teacher, parent, etc.

  • Apps like Duolingo, Canvas, Babbel, Coursera, Quizlet, ClassDojo will be on top of the list.
  • We have experience in developing more than 10 education apps by delivering excellent results, helping our clients to generate high ROI.
  • Conventionally, app development can be divided into 3 stages as follows.
  • I make around 500€ with my apps, and this is my side income along with my main job.
  • Most educational apps allow you to create a profile with your name and picture where you can save your favorite lessons and follow your progress.
  • You have to think about your target audience and what they require.

At this stage, app designers work on the interface and overall visual design of the app. Generally, the principle of planning educational app development does not differ from any other. However, you should remember that each stage of the process is an essential link in the chain, which requires time and careful preparation.


The app’s design is a crucial element you need to pay attention to, especially if you are developing an educational app for kids. The design should be simple and intuitive so even the youngest kids can understand how to use it. If you are looking for a dedicated team of professionals who have experience in working with education apps, drop us a line. We will provide an estimate for your idea and help you polish it.

This function contributes to fast, rich, animated studying that leaves merely vivid impressions in the children’s memory. These apps will not impact the client’s emotional state, however they will teach how to control it. Schedule of the classes and appointments, books, links to helpful resources, social sharing, and more.

How to Create an Educational App and Become Successful on the Market

For this reason, we have compiled a list of some proven, but sometimes not noticeable, ideas for your educational app. The technical development phase is simple because you, as a young company, don’t have to do much. This crucial and delicate stage’s performance relies on the assigned app development firm. The sort of application you intend to develop determines the scope and extent of your consumer research.

Or have a customized screen in the place where you can easily install buttons and links on each screen. When implementing IAP, keep in mind that the App Store has introduced many restrictions, such as prohibiting the purchase of physical goods and services, or the sale of content for rent. It’s very convenient when users can customize their profile pages with information about who they are, what classes they take, what assignments are due, etc.

Application Testing

IT companies are making education smarter and easier with mobile application development services. They are using new technologies and platforms to make it easily accessible for students and allow them to learn at their convenience. You can empower the next generation with a powerful educational app.

Parents with more than one child enrolled at your entity can access multiple channels at the same time with no multiple logins required. To make sure that they are always informed of the latest updates. Nandbox allows you to create tags for students, you can label tags by what grade they are in, or what classes they are taking. To allow targeted communication for a particular tag that you don’t want anybody else to see. When you have formulated the mere concept, contact a vendor and pay attention to conducting the Statement of Work , which includes technical documentation and a certain set of features.


I love writing, drafting articles, and helping students in publishing their research papers. Hi, I’m a former Research Assistant, a Science Scholar, and the founder of technomantic.com. Also, if you are stuck with the process and not sure how to create an app with AppHive, you can follow their detailed guide. Every developer should host apps on the Google Play Market, App Store, and other online places to download them worldwide.

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Publish the education app on Google Playstore, Apple App Store, or other places online to access all students. Andromo provides users with a variety of options that will improve the experience of using an education app. Social media sharing allows both tutors and learners to share important information on education via social media apps. Educational apps play a significant role in enhancing the parent-teacher and student-teacher communication. Owing to the busy working schedule of parents and teachers, maintaining a rapport via in-person interactions is a very challenging task for both parties.

This kind of application is developed for the receiving end of users who want to learn or study for individual, business, or career purposes. You can also refer to the following table to know how much a mobile app developer charges based on their locations. Generally, the developers of the USA and Canada tend to charge more compared to countries like India and the Philippines.

Via formative assessment, smart algorithms adjust the style, pace, and content to a learner’s abilities. Contingent interaction happens when each action meets a response. A user then feels in control and keeps interacting, thus responsiveness is the core of the UI design. Active also means distraction-free, staying in control and giving full attention to the learning process.

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