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Lean Software Development in 2023: A Complete Guide for CTOs

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By showing small parts of the product, we can collect the feedback and see whether the solution matches the clients’ requirements or if there’s something we should fix. Continuous Integration is the process of integrating small code changes as often as needed into a shared repository. The system then automatically compiles the code and runs automated tests. That’s why automating testing is considered a foundational part of the CI/CD pipeline, and CI enables to reveal more bugs and fix them at a lower cost.

  • This lean principle is about deferring commitment and ensuring that you only make key decisions when you are sure of their success.
  • It helps you do all this by encouraging you to focus on rapid iteration, test-driven development, and continuous improvement.
  • There will be no problems if an engineer decides to use Spring for some part of the code and Java EE 7 for another.
  • This helps teams continually improve their processes while emphasizing the tasks that bring the most value to customers.
  • It stresses a minimalist approach to development in almost all of its principles.
  • Development teams become empowered during decision-making processes.

When developing software, the team must decide what technology to use, which database to connect the product to, and what architectures and frameworks to base the final product on. At a given stage of the project implementation, we often do not have enough knowledge to make decisions and follow the chosen path. In other words, delaying with commitment leaves room for improvement by postponing irreversible decisions until all the needed experimentation is done and as much info as possible is gathered. Modern software systems are not simply the sum of their parts, but also the product of their interactions. During a longer period of development, a stronger subcontractor network is far more beneficial than short-term profit optimizing, which does not enable win-win relationships. Making smart decisions about what to include or leave out of the development process is central to the LEAN approach.

Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn in 2023

Lean software development uses considerably shorter iterations. By applying an iterative approach to software development, we at MindK are able to check the result at each stage of the development, deliver working solutions to the client and receive feedback. https://globalcloudteam.com/ Another book by the same authors showed that both the software development and manufacturing processes have much in common. They follow repeatable structures and workflows, rely on strict quality requirements, and are highly dependent on team collaboration.

Another benefit of the pulling concept is that you don’t implement something in advance “just in case,” but rather address the issues right in time. For instance, you shouldn’t optimize the system’s performance when it’s still too early. Or plan for international customers while you’re still in a local market. Nevertheless, keep in mind that all Lean systems should be easily adaptable once the necessity appears. Encourage people to share their experience with others, openly express their opinion, and make their own decisions. Your team implements it screen by screen, and after the first screen is ready, you can release it.

What Are the Lean Software Development Principles?

LeanyLabs is a web application development company that offers full-cycle project development and team extension services. We’re skilled in TypeScript, JavaScript, React, Node.js, AWS, and various other technologies. For example, if the users are desperate for a new feature and the programmers agree to add it in a rush, the resulting code might be too complex or bug-ridden. They will have to rework it later, which means more waste piling up.

It also results in a better workflow because every team member knows what they are responsible for. Next, the team visually maps each of the steps and processes it will take to bring the product from inception to delivery. By making each step visible and always keeping the value top-of-mind, it’s easier to see which steps don’t directly contribute to continuous delivery. Once wasteful steps are found, the team finds ways to eliminate those steps or reduce them as much as possible. If you’re looking to dive into the history of lean agile, Lean Enterprise Institute Inc., founded in 1997 by James P. Womack, PhD, is a leading resource for lean methodology.

Why implement Lean Software Development?

Engineer’s mistakes will thus be their responsibility – this way, it is difficult to learn from them later when no controls are in place. In the era of software, “revolutions” appear almost every month. Some fade away over time, while others take the lead and become mainstream.

What Is Lean Methodology for Software Development

It’s not simply about implementing a new method; it’s also about having the right people to make it work. In order to eliminate waste, one should be able to recognize it. If some activity could be bypassed or the result could be achieved without it, it is waste.

How to make the Lean approach work for your company

Failure rates for startups can be as high as 90%, with 35% of failures due to misreading market demand and another 20% due to unexpected competition. Other common failures include running out of money or not having the right team. In this guide, we will clearly define the concept of Lean development, including outlining the seven Lean Principles of Lean Software Development and how to apply them in software development. Finally, we’ll examine the concept of a Lean start-up and how Lean methodology is making waves in the business world. It follows an MVP – Minimum Viable Product strategy by which you can speed up the development process and release a bare-minimum version of your product in the market quickly.

Lean development is more demanding for the team’s motivation since engineers must be left alone to work with whatever tools they want. It even offers lean development process excellent tools for managers to plan the team’s workflow. Each person’s capacity is considered, so engineers won’t be overloaded with tasks.


Often, the ideas that work locally (e.g. at one screen) won’t work if you try to scale them to the whole system so it is important to look for better solutions. When focusing all the decision power on one position, other team members will have less desire to take responsibility. Aim to get your increment to a product ready for delivery as soon as possible. Cut corners, deprioritize non-essential work, and avoid perfectionism. Determine if there are several potential paths forward, and make it possible to switch to another one if needed.

What Is Lean Methodology for Software Development

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